Aschieri Montaggi S.r.L. since 1998 working in the field of industrial mechanical plants.

Our staff consists of over 70 technicians and freelancers with different specialties in: mechanics, fitters, certified welders, PLC programmers and electricians able to supply the electrical plant certification.

The company is fully equipped with multiple tools and vehicles. We are an independent company and have a warehouse to prefabricate all spare parts and machinery as required by our Customer.

We have know how in all aspects of constructions from the smallest projects to the largest, in aseptic area too. We have knowledge in water, soft drinks, juice and dust transportation plant. We also do tomatoes treatment plants from the rock removal systems to the final packaging of the product.

We are distinguished in ultrapure gas plants and HP pipelines. Other experiences include works in cooperation with US Army to build water treatment plants on site in IRAQ.

Our staff is able to take care from the beginning to the end no detail is too small.

Flexibility is our strength.