Electric solutions come at the highest quality customization that you may propose for any dimension of application.

We create small wirings to command and activate pumps of raising electric distribution installations that are multifunctional with safety closet controls, substations, transformations of power for the entire management in more lines of production in a series.

Exemplifying the installation performed for Nestlé USA where we created entirely an electric installation of distribution and signals for more than 50Km of cables, closet software, control panels, labeling and production of electrical diagrams. Always following the safety regulations that apply to these cases.

In addition to our other jobs it is possible to supply technicians that can follow the software modifications and controls on the production systems.

All of our work and technicians are titled and certified for installations according to and following the normative of UNI CEI: D.P.R. 462/01; D.Lgs 112/08; D.Lgs 81/2008; D.M. 37/2008; Dir. Par. Eur. Con. CE del 22/06/1998 n. 98/37/CE; D.P.R. n. 392 del 1994; D.P.R. 547/55 art. 267.

Along with our Technical Supervision we are very open minded to allow you to utilize other local forces along with ours for the job.

Flexibility is one of our objectives. We are happy to be able to offer whatever intermediate type of solution from the supply of a simple electrician to support for your from a complete turn key installation project all with certificates of validation.