We are always in the future for technical search. Our structure can offer you complex non destructive controls that apply intense activities that guarantee the greatest quality of work.

  • Alloy analysis: performed with penetration liquids ( chromatic reactions - local acids ) or with a XRF (spectrometer by chromatic fluorescence to X-rays ) alloy analyzer to guarantee the utilization of true stainless steel with AISI standards.
  • Also during the purchase phase of the materials. Our technicians tests the materials to assure that they are what we purchased. So we are able to proceed with safety procedures and quality control.
  • Endoscopies: supplied with electric endoscope connectable with a notebook or PC, equipped of probes that are auto-illuminated with more than 18 Ft. of length, we can employ the check from the internal surface of the tubes and the welding's cords, for the certification of the installations and for the guarantee of no blockage of the lines. At the conclusion the Customer can choose if to include a short film or individual photograph in an appropriately report.
  • Sampling and X-Ray check of the welding coupling
  • Analysis of the presence of oxygen to guarantee a welding in total absence of the same one and therefore in total protection guarantee the greatest purity.
  • Analysis control for the presence of ferrite in the lines in stainless steel to guarantee an adequate passivation of the components employed.
  • Visual analysis with traditional instrumentation of liquid or laser, spirit-level and of parallelism, perpendicularity of the sloop of installations.


A non destructive control can give the certainty to monitor precisely what has been installed not only because the job has passed the sample tests.