Aschieri Montaggi S.r.L. over the time has provided a varied amount of necessary instrumentations to perform better our work. The most important is our willingness to confirm our will to invest in the technologies more so that we have the best quality, such as:

  • Tools:
  • Axxair orbital saw
  • Orbitalum Orbital cutters
  • Orbitec TIG automatic orbital or manual welding machines
  • Polysoude TIG automatic orbital welders
  • Intermac automatic positioners


  • Endoscope - Tube scope ITS-25
  • Ferrite analyzer, FERITSCOPE FMP30
  • XRF Thermo scientific alloy analyzer
  • Vandagraph TEK-OX, Oxygen Analyzer
  • Oxygen Analyzer, Analox 100 HYP MK III

A large part of our quality guarantee is given by the collaboration with our qualified suppliers, they are oriented to be cautious with the quality of our in stock products and to obtain better customer satisfaction and always with the appropriate authorized certification for validity and to guarantee the perfect operation of our supplies.


Quality is not only a word to us. It means several people together working to improve the expectation of our products for our customers. So you as our customer get a quality product that we can give to you with respect.